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Domaine du Salut

Graves and Cérons

Nearly 25 miles from downtown Bordeaux, the family farm covers 16 hectares of vines.


In the heart of the Graves designation area, named after the gravels that mostly compose the land, the vineyard is precisely located on the Plateau of Cérons, which is famous for the diversity and the quality of the soil.







At the edge of the vines, two old moulin caviers complete the global picture to offer an authentic sight of the Bordeaux countryside.

The plateau of Cérons

The four types of wines are fully elaborated in-house: two Red wines, one Dry White and one Sweet White.


We take care of the vines aiming to reduce the external input. The grapes are grown with organic fertilizers and environment sound treatments. 



Sweet Wines are handpicked with successive selections in order to insure the best maturity of grapes. A minimum of three passes in each row, lasted for six weeks on average, are necessary to produce our sweet white wines.




The varieties of grapes are Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Malbec for Red wines ; Sémillon and Sauvignon for White wines.

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