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Domaine du Salut

Graves and Cérons

Along with our two children, we left the Parisian life to move back to our native area of Bordeaux and become winemakers at the beginning of 2015.




We are Vigneron Indépendant, which is a French label for independent winegrowers making their wines fully in-house, from the grapes to the bottle.


Far from our initial background, we made a radical turn …and yet obvious.


Our project to become winemakers grew surely during the past few years. We have always been very close to the wine industry, through the previous job of Aurélia, in charge of defending the interest of the winemakers as the head of a lobbying organization and through our family as well, which counts several winemakers.




Soil and wines are the only two criteria we cared about before launching our new life. The launch became possible when the right spot came up.  

Our story begins

Located in the plateau of Cérons, the farm sits on an exceptional soil to express roundness and fruit.


Persuing the work engaged in the vineyard for many generations, we bring our motivation and personalities to develop contempory wines from sustainable vine growing techniques.




We are helped by Alexandre and we aim to constantly improve our practices.




Our wines are affordable and designed to be enjoyed casually.

Our labels differentiate with the ones used in Bordeaux and better match with today’s trends and way of drinking wine. 

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